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To me and to many of you, the advantages of working for yourself, far outweigh the disadvantages both in number and magnitude.

From woodcarving to owning a chain of retail stores, from owning an art gallery to renting a State Fair booth, from t-shirt design to Web design, from professional writing, to business consulting; in the last twenty some odd years of self employment, I have done all these things and more.

I have been wealthy and I have been bankrupt. I have been on top of the world and I have shivered in terror. But though all these years, one thing remained firmly in my mind, that this absence of alarm clocks and butt kissing was the only life I could ever live.

In the first part of my life I had several jobs, which many people would envy.. but they were still “jobs”, positions in which I had to earn the continued approval of others, while they earned the continued profits from my efforts.

I knew that the inevitability for me, was the depletion of my personal resources with limited return, much anxiety and no chance of ever reaching the brass ring. I needed out. I made the break and never looked back.

Working for yourself is not easy. I’ve often had to work a sixteen hour day on my business, just to avoid suffering the eight, slaving for someone else. At times, I’ve had to sacrifice my social life, my family life and my very quality of life, to maintain the freedom I enjoy, the autonomy I cannot live without.

One day, when she was a bit younger, my daughter (parenthood came late for me) wanted to know why we couldn’t spend the day at the beach. I told her honestly, that it’s because I had just spent two days volunteering at her school that week and another shooting video and editing the school play, plus hours chauffeuring her to voice lessons, acting lesson and guitar lessons and now had to spend some time feeding my business.

What she was too young at the time to understand is that I was able to do these things for her and able to be the only father on the School Advisory Counsel, because I’ve created a world where I make the schedule, where I determine my priorities, where I make the decisions.

There are times I’ve had to work all night, all weekend, nearly non-stop all week, but whether marathon working, or super-parenting, the choices were always mine. The decisions were always mine. The consequences were always mine. And the rewards were mine as well.

Often sequestered in my business for days at a time, sometimes with only email for company, I have and, often happily, still work feverishly to secure my continued freedom. It is who I am. And I love my life.

If this describes your life, or your aspiration, MastersofOurFate.com is your new home.

The content here is free, of course, sustained through occasional ads and honest reviews. They’re sparse and you are never to feel obligated to click on any ads …unless you’re genuinely interested in the product, or service. The readership will be large enough, so there will always be an adequate number of people interested in the ads to sustain this Web Site.

One more thing: My name is Jeff Wild. I am the creator and editor of this Site. This Site was created on a WordPress platform enableing you the reader to actively participate through posting comments. Feel free to do so. If you have questions, or wish to contact me for any reason, you can reach me at jeff at mastersofourfate.com

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