Choosing a Structure For Your Business

Choosing a structure for your business is an important step, and requires doing your homework. Not all structures as suited for all people and all businesses. Basic structure types are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company and corpor-ations. Variations within these structures occur in different states according to various state laws, but are all very […]

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What Type of Licenses Are Needed for My Business

The type of license needed for your business will depend on several factors. They include the jurisdiction that our business is located in, and the type of business. For instance, if your business is located in a city, it probably needs a license from the city itself, from the country, and in some states from […]

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What Kind of Insurance Do I Need To Run My Business?

Types of insurance needed for a business will, of course, vary from type of business to type of business. If a business is larger than a one man sole proprietorship and actually has employees, then unemployment insurance is required, with premiums paid to the state government or a designated energy. Also, with employees Workman’s Compensation […]

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