Business Idea: A Guest Speaker Service

Business Idea: Coordinating Speaking Events and Speakers for Groups and Oragnaizations

This year, we were looking for a great speaker for our writer’s group that would be interesting to both men and women who write in a variety of genres. Days were spent looking on the Internet for someone who could fill these shoes and not make us go overboard on our allotted amount. It took several weeks for us to find someone who could be here on the right date and who could make the trip to our hometown. It would have been really nice if there was one place we could look to find people who could perform this work for us.

The writer’s group is just one of many that present seminars throughout the United States. If you pay attention to details, you could really make some money going around to all the presentations. And really, you do not have to do any public talking at all.

A seminar service is a great way to make some cash. You get to meet all kinds of VIPs from many different areas of knowledge and expertise. You are the one that plays a very significant part in the daily lives of not just the audience, but the speakers as well. You can do this all from your own home office.

This is a quick moving and fast-growing business. You might want to try something local at first just to get used to it. Then, once you have some expertise, you can start up a great website to get their attention. There is no end to how many people you can reach as you start to schedule and organize these speakers.

There are two main ways you can do this: One, you can act as a go-between, fixing dates and fees and taking care of all the details for the venue. This means that you will need to set up a good database to organize the talent and let groups know you are available to help them. Next, you can do the event organizing yourself, instead of waiting for these groups to call you. This is more work because you have to be the promoter and the person who actually runs the meeting.

Soon, based on your reputation that you earn, your business will be growing. You can succeed in providing a great service to many different groups. Or you can look into a particular niche for your market, like speakers for retreats. Parenting workshops, financial aid workshops, and many other kinds offer a truly endless opportunity to make your business grown. Work with the groups you enjoy and that you really are interested in.

In 2011, our writer’s group will again be looking for the best speaker we can find. This time, we will hire someone to find us a great speaker. This will make the job so much easier for us. If you are lucky, it might be you that we end up calling.

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