Business Idea: A Personal Concierge Service

Here’s a Business Idea: Become a Personal Concierge

Dictionaries are yet to come up with a formal definition for personal concierge, however the profession does not require any introduction. It is already a flourishing business.

The term concierge has been defined with two meanings by the The first is when the term is observed from the hospitality industry’s point of view. In that sense a hotel employee who assists the guests and people staying there in taking care of their baggage, delivering the messages and helping in tour reservations, comes in this category. Another one is from a French culture whereas someone who resides in an apartment as the personal attendant and also serves as the janitor, is considered a personal concierge.

The rise in demand for personal concierge has been because of the high-flying lifestyle and increased spending on personal facilities. Todays busy lifestyle does not allow much room for the professionals to handle their own bills, make reservations for the vacations and organize personal and business activities.

Now the job of personal concierge has received all around legitimacy. Laura Tiffany in the article ‘How To Be A Personal Concierge’ that appeared at reveals that the demand for personal concierge is on the rise. She informs that while there is increasing demand for it, the data for this is difficult to find. A Chicago based group The National Concierge Association that started working in late 1990s to provide resources and networking facility for both hotel and personal concierges, does not handle collection of any data related to this profession. Cynthia A. who worked herself as a personal concierge earlier and now running her own concierge organization in San Diego estimates that all over the US personal concierges may number a few hundred.

For the person who wants to start as a personal concierge the question that arises is where to make the starting? Here is a basic description that may define the role required from a personal concierge – “Booking the seats for a sporting event, making table reservations at big restaurant, delivering birthday present. Be willing to go beyond the everyday requirements. Always willing to serve the employer to the best of the abilities.”

While the demand for the personal concierge is on the rise in the US, Britain is also catching up. Person living in any of these two countries can approach companies that provide the services of concierge to the employers. Inquiries can be made if they are hiring new people or provide training for personal concierge employment.

All the people wanting to be personal concierge may not make the grade. Person who have the organizing capability, love assisting their employer and do not become impatient if the research takes a little longer than expected, can always apply for this job. Some experience with an event management will surely improve the chances of being employed. In case all these traits are present in the person but presently employed in another profession then this may be best time of the year to go for it. There would never be any regret for taking this decision.

Those who have already worked as administrative or executive assistant are a lot suitable for the job of personal concierge. For the person coming from the same profession some difficulty may be faced initially when starting the business. But the thing to remember is if the person has been proofreading or improving present employer’s marketing plan and business ideas, this may be the best time to start out own business of personal concierge.

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