Business Idea: a Shopping Service

Create a Shopping Service as a Business

Imagine a service where you take a grocery list and go shopping for people who simply do not have time to go do this themselves, or do not like to shop. You can even get an email list from them and then deliver their food after you get done shopping. A delivery fee of $5-$10 for each delivery is good.

Almost everyone has to do some type of shopping usually everyday. There are two types of shopping: the kind where you shop for basic essentials, and the type of shopping where you are shopping for luxury items you simply want. People would much rather shop for luxuries since they get to look around at things they might not see normally. A new television is a big purchase; the entire family group might want to go along for this shopping trip.

It is the everyday, mundane shopping that not everyone will enjoy. Just going out to shop for groceries and other essentials gets to be a boring experience for many, plus it is a huge time waster. Because many people are busy at home or at the office, it can be a really tiring job after a long day at work. A good shopping service can be just what these poor, tired people are looking for. There are many elderly people who also cannot physically get out and shop for themselves anymore. This would be an extremely handy service for them, and a big help and relief for their families.

To get started, you will need a reliable van or truck to carry the food around to deliver it to their homes. You might give them a few choices such as them giving you a personalized list or an email list. If you do decide to deliver, you will need to charge, perhaps $5-$10 each trip. This is a reasonable charge, especially with gas so high now. Please do not forget to tell them about the delivery charges; they might not be willing to pay you the extra money.

You really do not need any special type of education for this type of business. It would be best if you do have a background knowledge of buying fruits, meat, vegetables, and even fish. There is no reason to offer to buy these things for them if you have no idea how to make the right choices.

You have to build trust and people also have to have faith in your dedication to having a good shopping business. The clients should know they can trust you to get the right things for them. You might want to set up a credit type of business where you collect monthly from your clients. If you do this, you have to make sure you have the money upfront to pay for the groceries.

If you stick to a particular area of neighborhoods, you will not spend quite so much money this way. It will be cheaper and easier on you. Anytime you have new people moving in, you can ask them quickly about needing your services. You might even offer to take telephone orders in case someone is cooking and forgot the main ingredient! Once you get the right food and provide a steady supply to them, these folks will give you a glowing reference for your services to people they know. Everyone does not enjoy grocery shopping; remember this and you can make a good deal of money being a personal grocery shopper for them.



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