Business Idea: Creative Solar Lighting

Business Idea: Solar Light Landscaping

As our world becomes more energy conscious, people increasingly look for ways to be more economically efficient.  Science and technology are creating new energy sources that are more economical and less ecologically draining.  The goal of many homeowners and consumers is finding ways to eliminate the cost, but still enjoy life.  Using solar lamps in order to light your walkway, garden, or landscape is a great way to enjoy energy savings and home satisfaction.  This combination of energy efficiency and efficient savings might just be the wave of the future.  Imagine the possible demand of a company that was able to install garden lighting that was solar powered and freely energized.

In order to be involved in the business field of solar lighting, you would have experience of some type in designing landscaping, and you will need to possess the ability to provide consultation to your clients of their lighting needs.  As you conduct your consulting sessions, you need to find out what looks and moods they are interested in creating in their nighttime landscaping.  Some of the topics for discussion might involve lighting needs for their driveway and the various walkways around their home.  After a thorough needs assessment, the task of designing a plan for lighting and a making up a purchase list to implement the plan would be next.  After that is done, you would need to price check in order to create an estimate for your customer.

Most solar lighting operates using a collection panel that accumulates and stores the energy from the light of the sun.  The solar panel is then able to change the energy into usable electric power which is stored for use in strong, highly efficient batteries.  Once the sun goes down, the solar lights turn on automatically and are able to remain lit sometimes as long as 15 hours.  Since these solar lights require no electric wiring, they create a convenient product to use for landscaping.  If the need is for landscaping that is a little more formal, you might need to use a different type of lighting application for your design.  Most homeowners want to have a yard that is appealing, well designed, and enjoyed by everyone.  They realize that curb appeal is a good thing and never hurts the marketability of your home.  

When starting up your business, inform your potential customers that there will be no need to tear their backyard apart by digging trenches for wiring or holes for lights.  Solar lighting can be installed easily and efficiently, compared to the typical landscaping renovations.  By selecting lighting that is solar, it gives businesses or home owning customers a great deal of flexibility for the future.  Without the worry of wiring and fixtures to dig up, solar lights can easily be readjusted and relocated.  Another benefit to solar lighting is that it does not require an electrical energy source to be relocated.

Make certain as you install the solar lights, that the panels must be in a position to receive as much direct sunlight as possible.  If a panel is receiving its full measure of sunlight it can generally give off fifteen hours or more of solar lighting.

As an installer, you need to decide how many solar lights you will need for the various landscaping jobs you will receive.  If you are looking to create a mood with your lighting, your approach to designing and installing the solar lights will be focused more on location.  If the lighting is going to be used for the purpose of providing lighting for safety, you will want to install more lighting units along the walkways and driveways.  Another consideration for this lighting is to install it in a location that will create the greatest amount of convenience when it comes to cutting the lawn or trimming bushes in the garden.  There have been more than a few lights that have lost their function due to the blades of a mower or bush whacker.

Solar lighting is on the upswing in popularity; more companies than ever before manufacture these products and they are now available in a plethora of colors, sizes, finishes, shapes, and warranty offerings. The prices on these products continue to go down as the competition to produce solar products goes up.  There are also great incentives offered for landscapers that desire to purchase in large quantities.

Attempt to provide your customers with as many options and choices as possible.  There will be customers that want the latest models and technology and other customers that will want the most inexpensive and conservative installation possible.  Solar lights come in many types of finishes and colors.  The optimum installation to achieve is to have these lights very blended and unnoticed during the day and fully functional and noticed during the evening.  Solar products are increasing to include flood lights, well lights, tier lights, and more.  The colors, shapes, and styles that are available should give you an opportunity to choose the light that is just right for you.

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