Business Idea: Divorce Assistance

Business Idea: Assisting Divorce with a DIY Divorce Kit

A divorce is a stressful and often overwhelming period of time for most people to experience, and you can help people save money by offering an alternative to a costly divorce attorney. Nobody wants to pay huge dollars to an attorney and now there are other options available. By providing divorce assistance you can help your customer by offering a ‘DIY divorce kit’ so they can do everything for themselves. Keep in mind, these customers often times just want it over quickly and without going breaking the bank. $50 and up are a generally reasonable price for divorce kits.

If you have experienced divorce yourself, you know how truly expensive lawyers are and how drawn out the cases can be. You can assist others by offering a helpful kit that they can use at their own pace and on their own time and will allow them to orchestrate their own divorce rather than leaving it in the hands of strangers.

Each jurisdiction will charge for different motions filed, so it is imperative that you do the research for your specific area or being up front with out of area clients that the cost will vary. You should include all necessary paperwork, as well as an easy-to-follow book that explains the procedure in simple terms, in every divorce kit. Different areas may require different types of paperwork filed, so you may have to have a different kit for each state, or limit yourself to your specific location.

Another option with low overhead costs is to produce CDs with all needed paperwork included. The client can then print them out at home on their own computer. You can even offer them on a website that you set up in PDF format so they can get an instant download rather than a bulky package or waiting for the CD to arrive in the mail.

It will take quite a bit of research and organizational skills on your part to pull everything together with all necessary components in place. Laws can be different from state to state, and even county to county. So, it will be your responsibility to know exactly what paperwork needs to be done and in what order.  It will be imperative that you know where your customers live, and more importantly where the divorce will be filed, that way you will know which paperwork and directions to provide. It will also be necessary to stay on top of any law changes for your different coverage areas as well.

The more ways that you can advertise your new divorce assistance business, the more exposure you will get. Create an advertising budget, and stick with it but advertise in as many ways as you can afford. Starting out with your local phone book and newspapers is a good place to start. Use social networking sites for free advertising and get creative. The more people that see your business, the more money you can potentially make.

Starting out in your local area is beneficial, and then expanding as your income demands. This will allow you to reach customers outside of your area and giving you the time to gain the pertinent information needed.

This is an excellent side venture for anyone that is already familiar with law. There are offices appearing everywhere that provide low cost divorces run by paralegals. If you have a background in law or know a knowledgeable person that would be willing to help you, it could be advantageous when you first start off.

If you are knowledgeable and comfortable with computers, you could also offer the DIY kits online as well. If you offer all that the customer needs online in downloadable format, or a way to have it shipped if they prefer to have the kit mailed to them, you can widen your coverage area for limited costs. If you start your own website, you should find a way to make money from the space available. Divorce assistance books or other related products could be a great possibility to start making real profits. Once the client pays for the book, have it available for immediate download.

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