Business Idea: Helping Seniors by Running Errands

Running Errands as a Business

Have you always wanted to be in business helping others? As they age, many seniors find themselves housebound and unable to take care of their errands the way they are used to doing. These are the same errands we do every day but take for granted. There are some people that are earning $20 to $35 an hour for their services as errand runners. In a 15 hour week it is possible to earn nearly $500.

As an errand runner serving seniors, your job responsibilities will include driving where your clients need you to go and running errands for them to help them out. You can earn as much or as little as you want based on the hours you work and the number of clients you work with. You can work a schedule that will accommodate your busy life.

Some of the responsibilities of this type of job might include running to the grocery store for your client, picking up their prescriptions at the pharmacy and taking them to the client’s home. They may need you to house sit for them, take their pet to a vet or the groomer. Since you can make your own rules and determine what you will and will not do, this job should be a fairly easy job for you to do.

In a job like this, you set your own hours. If you choose to work a full time week you could potentially earn up to $1,400 or more.

One requirement of this type of work is reliable transportation. It is recommended that you have your own vehicle. To earn the most you should have a car that is not expensive to maintain and has good gas mileage. You do not want to have to put all of your earnings back into your vehicle maintenance.

If you have been considering offering this service but are not convinced that there will be enough clients, keep in mind that approximately 8,000 people turn 50 in the United States daily and are considered seniors. This means that there could potentially be hundreds of people needing a service like this on a daily basis.

It is reported that the “Baby Boomers” make up as much as 52 percent of this country’s current population with this number growing daily. As this number increases, so does the number of people that will need to have help to have some of their needs met.

With these statistics, now is the perfect time to start a business that will cater to the needs of this generation. The next several years will see an increase in the amount that this generation will need these types of services.

There are several ways that you can advertise your services. You can put an ad in the local paper or phone book. You might consider having business cards printed that you can leave at places such as local senior centers and doctors offices. Doctors that practice geriatric medicine might be very happy to let you leave your cards in their offices as they may be trying to encourage their patients to get some help, just like the kind of help you are offering.

You might also consider investing in a brochure that outlines your services and the prices associated with each service. You might even decide to create your own on a home computer and print them out whenever you need them. Creating and printing them yourself can even save some of your hard earned money.

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