Business Idea: Open a Talent Agency

Become a Talent Agent

Nothing can beat parents’ pride in knowing their children have grown up to succeed in any area, let alone becoming Oscar-winning actors. The winners alway thank Mom and Dad upon winning, and one other person. Their agent. But the agent enjoys another benefit the parent does not. The agents get paid.

Becoming a talent agent does not mean having to move to Hollywood or New York City, either, as even much smaller cities need the services of talent agents. Where-ever television commercials are in the making or print ads are being created, they need to find models and actors. Most media makes use of talent agents.

Additionally, there are no geographical boundaries for the dream of being a star on the silver screen. Those dreaming of becoming an actor or model who live outside of California and New york get access to auditions and casting calls that they ordinarily would not know through their agents.

It is not difficult to start a new talent agency, and it is a business you can even start from your home. No special experience or education is required, although in some states, cities or locales, licensing is required. Always check out local and state laws for requirements when beginning any business. Other than that, the largest obstacle you will have is making the right connections.

No two agents usually run his or her business in exactly the same way. Some only take on clients who are ready with a portfolio and send them on to auditions. Other agents will help a beginner to create professional portfolios and present them to the right people and places. In some states, agents are permitted to teach auditioning or modeling classes.

Determine what the local going rate is for agents in order to set your prices in line with the market. Generally speaking, agents make no money until their clients get paid. Actors and models continually receive warnings against paying agents any money up front. At times, however, agents may require a small fee to cover their own expenses until the model or actor starts to make money.

Expert advice may be found on websites such as, and Take advantage of their experience to learn all you can about your trade. It is exciting to think of choosing the people you want to work with, running a business your own way, and making money from working at home. If you are professional, trustworthy and energetic, you will find success. A good online presence in the form of a professional looking website will help also. In any business, your best marketing tool will always prove to be your reputation.

Never do anything to ruin it, for you will not get it back again. If making a living helping other people realize their dreams is something you really want to do, there can be no better job than becoming a talent agent. The gratification and satisfaction factor is high, and you will have earning potential.

When you see the clients enjoy local fame, or even better, climbing their own success ladder all the way to New York or Hollywood, you will be just like the proud parent watching his or her child win an award–and they will be thanking you.

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