Choosing the Best Name for Your Business

Choosing the best name for your business is a creative act, but it demands common sense as well. The business name should be catchy and easy to remember, it should reflect what the business does, and it should inspire confidence.

One school of thought is that your business name should include the name of the town in which you live because that inspires some sort of official status. In previous years names of that type were popular and there may have been a point to that.

If that is the case and you are an accountant living in Pittsburgh, then a name like Pittsburgh Accounting and Tax Service may serve you well. That name will appeal to more traditional and conservative customers. But, if your accounting service takes the stress away from doing taxes, and you want something a little more catchy, then Stress Free Accounting might serve your needs more.

Avoiding the boring is important. Nothing is more boring than the first thought most people have—Your Name Enterprises. A business is an enterprise of course, but the name really doesn’t say anything to your customer about what you can do for them.

Another business took the traditional approach, but added to it with a slogan that was used as a part of the name. That company was Springfield Writing Service, a company that produced resumes for job seekers. The slogan “Resumes That Work” appeared under the company name on all company literature for several years, and eventually the company was thought of by most people simply as Resumes That Work. When the internet age came, they simply adopted their slogan as the new company name and even the address for their web site,

A great way to find a business name is to glance through the Yellow Pages and newspapers of other cities, far away from yours. Look for businesses like yours that have names that appeal to you, and think of variations, and ways you can alter the names to fit you. And always remember that it is the name of your business that leaves a first, lasting impression.

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